13502059_1210414065635928_5559436492704991400_n13510915_1210413922302609_6066685515783513889_nHonoring Father’s Day by posting last because that’s just how Webster’s roll…

Happy Father’s Day to my dear old dad, grandpas, uncles, and all other fathers in the world.

Fathers are men who support you, protect you, give you advice, fix things for you, teach you how to play sports, encourage you, fight for you, and make you laugh.

They’re the ones you call when your car isn’t working, you’re lost, need help building something, see a spider and need them to kill it, when a boy breaks your heart, and when you want to do something crazy.

I would like to thank my dad for NOT naming me Jackie even though you wanted to honor your father, for teaching me how to love sports, showing me dedication and patience as our beloved teams continue to fail annually, taking me to football and hockey games every year, teaching me how to fish, play soccer, and tell bad jokes. Thanks for showing me the wonderful possibilities of 4-H and allowing me to be raised and grow up with an appreciation for agriculture and CE outreach programs. Thanks for sparking my love of the outdoors. Thanks for waiting up for me at night even if it drove me nuts. I understand your intentions and I have come to appreciate it now as I grow older. Finally thanks for surviving for 20 years with 3 sassy and strong girls rolling their eyes and handing back attitude.

Thank you to my grandpa, Pop-Pop, for making me smile, building lots of treasures for me, baking the best pizza, sharing your sarcasm, making me “Canadian Proud”, and giving me your cheekbones. Thank you for the endless support, “visit allowances”, awesome trips, and for my car. Thank you for serving our country and marrying Magoo. Thanks for also being the example of the kind of man I wish to have stand by my side someday.

Thank you to my Bampa Jack for being a wonderful kind, humble, funny, and supportive father to my dad, aunt, and uncle. I’ve heard many lovely things about you. Thank you for serving our country and meeting Nana. Thank you for loving and watching over me from heaven. I can feel your protection wherever I go. I know you’d be proud of the people your children have turned out to be, especially your son who’s now a father too. I wish I could have gotten the chance to meet you, ALS sucks. But I love you very much.

Thank you to my Uncles, Uncle Doug, and Uncle Dick for being role models, supporters, adventure buddies, hunting companions, friends, confidants, and resources. Thank you for being loving examples of what true uncles should be and being extra father figures in my life. Also thank you for fathering my wonderful cousins and being the best dads to them that you can be.

I love you all very much and am so thankful to have you each in my life. You are true respectable men and I appreciate everything you all have done for me. You’re also welcome for me making you a dad, grandpa, and uncle for the first time. I know I’m the favorite it’s okay to admit it.😉

Keep being you. Y’all rock!

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