13173166_1182475268429808_5846291570178632784_o13147350_1182475468429788_1495463945303377247_oMothers Day; a day set aside to recognize the amazing and beautiful women who make our world so special.

Not everyone is granted a perfect life or family, so it is especially important for us to cherish the amazing people God has put in our lives. For me, I am blessed to know some of the most amazing and strong women. I would not be where I am today without their loving support and guidance.

Mom, you have wiped the tears from my eyes, hugged me when I didn’t want love but needed it, given me advice to carry on, supported me through life, and set the best example possible for a daughter to follow. Not many say they want to be like their parents, but I sure do. Thank you for putting up with my crazy self, my (occasional) attitude, and always being a phone call away when I needed to talk. Also huge thank you for listening to me rant about how much I missed Boro and my friends for a full 3.5 hour drive-true motherly love right there!!

Magoo, you have given me much laughter, love and encouragement, sweet “thinking of you” notes, taught me how to bake, been there when I secretly needed some faith, and made me extremely proud to have a grandmother like you. I cherish our video chats and they always brought a smile to my face and brightened my day throughout the ever so stressful days at college. You have set a wonderful example of how a grandmother should be and I can not wait for my turn. I can only hope you see the impact you have made on my life as I strive to create a beautiful family just as you have.

Nana, you brought so much love and laughter to me and the family even after you were gone. I am grateful for the memories I had with you and all of the visits. It still makes me smile every time I walk in your back spare room and see all of the pictures and notes I made for you hanging on the wall. I see you everywhere I go, in the audience at one of my shows, next to me while I’m driving, in my heart at a play, and in my head when I go crazy with Polish traditions. You have set a perfect example of the loving person I strive to be and encourage me to make strong friendships just as you did with anyone including strangers.

Happy Mothers Day to these wonderful women and to the many other mothers out there including my wonderful and beautiful aunts. I love you all and am so grateful for the memories, love, and guidance you have shown for me. Ya’ll rock!

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