Drugs, Love, Songs, Life

Falling in love is captivating. It’s the most powerful connection between two people. Love is almost like a drug, or for some it can be considered a drug. Love adds to the thrill of life. It becomes an exciting journey that you are willing to take no matter the cost.

Anyone who feels this way or is a fan of the Beatles should watch Across The Universe, a 1960s tale of risk-taking, new adventures, falling in love, radical protests, psychedelic drugs, and real-life career struggles.

After Max, a blonde-haired risk-thrilling beauty submits to the thoughts that all college-age individuals have, and drops out of college to move to New York City with new friend and British hottie Jude, you will instantly question what you are doing with your life. Here’s someone who could have learned a lot at college, but couldn’t handle the pressure and just decides-I’m not doing it anymore. Where is your ability to act on rash decisions?

Young people can especially relate to the struggles and temptations that happen all over the movie. Although the act of indulging in drugs and sex is not directly addressed, it is highly, highly, eluded. In some scenes the movie makes you feel as if you are as high in the clouds as them as it reaches the depths of your soul and you can finally breathe clean fresh hair for the first time.

Who doesn’t love the Beatles? Our parents, hipsters, and music-lovers alike were not the only ones captivated by the legendary boy-band of the 20th century. Obviously, because otherwise this movie wouldn’t be such a huge hit.

The songs are each perfectly placed and geniusely planned out to fit in with the plot and even characters names! Well, there’s Lucy “in the sky with diamonds”, Maxwell “Silver Hammer”, “Hey” Jude, “Sexy” Sadie, JoJo “Get Back”, and “Dear” Prudence who all become slightly “Helter Skelter” trying to fit their needs of “Something” while making their “Blue Jay Way” into New York City. The soundtrack of this film cannot make it flow any smoother.

Although some scenes can really mess with your head, the spiritual aspect of the film really sends a message to anyone trying to find their purpose. Life is full of risk-taking, making mistakes, and just doing what is best for you. As humans, it is guaranteed we will all experience jealousy, heartbreak, death, challenges, acceptance, joy, love and self-doubt, but realizing that these moments happen to everyone and they turn out just fine can really boost a person’s self-esteem.

The situations of each character really sink in and will allow you to place yourself in their shoes as you relate to them on some level. You’ll begin to think of some of the songs much differently after watching the characters sing them in desperation like when Prudence sings “I Want to Hold Your Hand”. The song no longer is a romantic ballad aimed towards a love already won over, but a sad song about a girl who just wants to be accepted for who she is and who she loves.

One of the easiest songs to relate to is “With a little help from my friends”. Life is full of so many rough, long and dull moments that having a friend to do crazy things with is the only thing that will help maintain your sanity. That is why placing this song at the beginning when Jude and Max have met is so important. It is basically setting the entire movie up for an adventure. Each character slowly becomes connected to one another as the movie goes on and eventually, there’s the main characters all living under the same roof going through life together.

This film may be a little too spiritual and free-spirited for some, but it is one that you cannot go life without attempting to watch. Who knows, it might inspire you or create a spark you never knew existed. You’ll never know what life is really like if you don’t try everything, right?


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