Late Night Tangents: God’s a coach, not a puppet master

“Everything happens for a reason.”

What does that even mean?

I’ve struggled with the truth of this statement my entire life. It makes sense if you’re a christian, because we’re constantly being told, “God creates a path for you. God puts things and people in your life for a specific reason.” Or so we think…

I’ve applied this phrase to many life events. I’m quite guilty, I’ll admit. However, I’m not quite sure “everything” is the right word. God does put a lot of things in our lives for a reason. There is always a lesson to be learned, or something better around the corner. God creates with a path with events and situations in mind. However he leaves it up to us to decide how we get there. We are not puppets to him. We’re his children whom he lets grow with a little guidance of his own. He will not tell us every step of the way. Haven’t you ever felt frustrated because he won’t tell you what to do? That’s because he won’t. He’s letting you decide.

When God created the heavens and the earth, he also created Adam and Eve. God did not plan for Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. He specifically told them not to. When they did, sin was released into the world as a consequence. God then sent his son, Jesus into the world to save us from our sins. Now, someone might say Adam and Eve were supposed to eat from the tree, but how do we know that? Simply because an action occured later in history due to that particular event?

I have been told a number of times that God takes a situation and makes the best out of it. Kind of like when you make a mistake and turn it into a lesson. That doesn’t mean it was the only way you could have learned that lesson. How many times have you had the same thing put right in front of your face but it didn’t register until after you’ve been slapped in the face? I could name quite a few. If everything happened for a reason that very first time would have been the slap in the face. Not the 50th. Think about it.

This phrase has become sentence slang. It’s an easier way of saying, “This really rotten thing happened to me, but I’m going to make the best out of it.” Why can’t we just say that?

God puts things in our live to make us stronger, but he lets us chose what things will make us stronger. We decide how our fate plays out. Life’s just a big ‘ole scavenger hunt with clues hidden along the way…think about it.

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