Lost Girl: You are Loved

My face may be puffy and swollen, I may look like a disaster in the mornings, or dress down far too often but God loves me just the same. A little girl in Chicago once reminded me, “Jesus loves me no matter what I look like, no matter where I come from. He loves me when I just get out of the shower and when I wake up.” Who would have thought, that little girl would make such an impact on me years later..

God loves me no matter what I’ve done, no matter where I’ve been, no matter who I am.

Someday, I will be loved in the same way as God by a man who will cherish our bond for all of eternity. Thank you Lord for that powerful reminder. Your timing is everything.

I recently went to a Casting Crowns concert and realized how powerful God’s love is for us. The entire experience was extremely spiritual and those who attended the concert were so kind. The concert was five days before my mission trip to Nicaragua so I was filled with all sorts of emotions. My best friend and I were walking around talking to people at the different booths and we had so many people praying over our trip to Nicaragua. If that’s not God’s love pouring out through others I don’t know what is.

16195267_1434264526584213_3855900960075492947_nThroughout the evening I just kept thinking, wow, God really does have my heart in his best interest but it wasn’t until the song- Just be Held came on that I truly lost it. An image of me kneeling before God and him lifting me up into his arms popped in my head. I just felt the sense of complete comfort and warmth. I knew my father was with me. I knew that I could let my burdens fall because he was holding me together.

You see as humans we strive to search for love and comfort. We want to be happy and safe in the protection of others. I have found that refuge in many people I surround myself with. But sometimes we desire for more than just that comfort and love. We desire for love on a deeper level. We desire for that soul connection to another human being that you can call yours for the rest of eternity.

I struggle with this because I feel ready to take on that part of my journey. I’m ready to find my life partner and tackle the journey head on with them by my side. I get discouraged because although I’m not looking, I am still waiting for the day they will come. I’m leaving it all to God’s handiwork but I wasn’t trusting his timing. I have gone through some pretty tough times that only God and a select few know about. I don’t blame God for those events but I expect him to help heal me. However, I wasn’t trusting his timing. I’d get discouraged again because I wasn’t being patient.

When this song came on it felt like all my burdens were gone. All of the doubts, fears, and trials I have been through were just put on pause. I allowed myself to be held by my maker. Do you know the feeling when someone you love holds you in their arms? I’m talking about when you’re in dire need of loving affection. That sense of safety and security. That’s what allowing your Father to comfort you feels like.

That’s why you don’t have to be anxious of what’s to come. God has you in his best intention. He knows your burdens and your desires. As any parent’s heart breaks when their child is upset, the Lord’s heart also breaks for us. Mothers and fathers help comfort us during our trials, therefore when we need help we should trust in Him to comfort us.

God’s love for us is enough. We don’t need to look for it anywhere else. For when we trust in him, the rest falls into place. Prayers are answered, desires met, and healing occurs.

Believe in your worth. Trust that you are loved by all who you surround yourself with. An intimate love will come eventually. Trust that the timing isn’t right now but will be soon. Have faith and love the life you have now.

“Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul. “

-Psalm 143:8 

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