Anxiety is…

Anxiety is… not being in control of your body or your thoughts

No matter what you want to think or do, anxiety takes over and controls how you function.

Anxiety is… feeling hopeless because you’re not in control

Anxiety is…not knowing how to be “normal”

For people with anxiety the definition of “normal” could mean anything. Is that just a person without anxiety? Because that’s hard to imagine. What even does normal look or feel like? People with anxiety don’t have the concept of normal because to them normal is anxiety. It’s fighting a daily battle with the demons inside of you. There are days of peace where you feel like maybe this could be normal and then within a matter of seconds your peace and tranquility is robbed and the memory of getting to the imagined since of euphoria vanishes.

Anxiety is… staying in bed not because you’re lazy, but because you’re afraid to get up and face the negativity of the world

Anxiety is…overthinking every little thing

The look that girl gave you, the way he looks at her, whispers, secrets between friends, not being included in something…overthinking is a common practice with anxiety. It’s a defense mechanism to prevent pain, which will cause more anxiety. Overthinking tends to be mostly irrational with the slight chance of actually preventing pain. Usually the person knows they’re overthinking and tries to combat it which leads to more anxiety and feelings of hopelessness when the pain won’t go away

Anxiety is… pushing people away because you don’t want them to see your weakness

Anxiety is…believing you’re better off alone

Who wants to burden someone they love with their own insecurities? What if they can’t handle it and leave? What if your anxiety attacks make them feel hopeless? It’s easier to keep your distance so your SO won’t wind up hurt or make you feel hurt

Anxiety is… ruining a good thing because you don’t know how to accept love

Anxiety is…talking more than you’d like or neglecting to mutter a single word..there is no in between

Either you can’t keep your mouth shut and say everything and anything that is on your mind even if it’s something you’d rather keep to yourself or you idly watch as everyone else joins conversation. Sometimes it’s safer to just be a witness

Anxiety is… driving until your mind finally stops running

Anxiety is… believing every lie the enemy puts in front of you

Fear, doubt, worry, sorrow…all lies. All attacks used to beat you down and prevent you from feeling happy. These are tactics used to prevent us from moving towards our fate. You may know it’s a lie but your body is already convinced and there’s no way out…you’re drowning

Anxiety is… believing one thing and feeling another

Anxiety is…needing constant reassurance to fight the lies

Making sure you’re welcome…making sure your best friend doesn’t think you’re crazy…making sure you’re not being too annoying…making sure your friend isn’t just ignoring you…making sure they actually love you…making sure you’re doing the right thing…making sure you’re not a burden…making sure this anxiety isn’t too much for them…

Anxiety is… knowing the truth and fighting to keep that truth

Anxiety is…not knowing how to “just relax”

You can ignore the thoughts and the worry all you want and still not feel relaxed. When someone tells you to relax, chances are you’re already trying and nothing is working so you have to find something new to help cope. It’s never done in an instant and usually takes time. In order to just relax you need a distraction; something to fill the void

Anxiety is… constantly checking your phone for messages

Anxiety is… analyzing body language because words are not enough

Actions speak louder than words

Anxiety is… documenting every trigger to prevent the next attack

Anxiety is… holding yourself up when the room begins to spin from the dizziness inside your head

Anxiety makes you feel like you just got off that spaceship ride everyone loved at the fair. Everything’s happening so fast, things are coming at you left and right, words are mushing together, everyone’s talking at once….so the room begins to spin and you have to blink as fast as possible to prevent yourself from falling to the floor.

This is also a metaphor because you have to hold it together to pretend nothing is ignore the anxious thoughts…Standing tall means standing unphased

Anxiety is… feeling so sick you can’t even eat

Anxiety is… believing you’re not good enough

You’ll always have anxiety which frightens people. You’ll always have pain. You’ll always be weak. You’re going to mess things up. You’re not perfect. You are constantly comparing yourself to others or trying too hard to impress those around you

Anxiety is… feeling pain for no reason

Anxiety is… putting on a smile even if you’re not happy inside

Your body constantly feels like it’s at war with something. Muscles feel tight. You try your best to relax. Since your brain isn’t sending the right signals you try to use your own words. “Hey legs ya gotta move I’m gonna be late to class…” “Hey lungs I can’t breathe right now..which is making me feel worse.. think you could give me some air?” When you’re able to fight through it, it feels like you’re being used as a punching bag by every little thing. You walk and talk like nothing is happening when in reality it feels like you’re in the ring of an MMA fight

Anxiety is… feeling like the whole world is against you

Anxiety is…reminding yourself to breathe

30 seconds go by and you realize you haven’t taken a single breath…Your mind is trying to fight off every attack and breathing no longer seems involuntary..

Anxiety is… keeping yourself busy so there’s no room to feel depressed or on edge

Anxiety is… never just anxiety

It’s usually mixed with other mental illnesses like depression, ADHD, or PTSD

Anxiety is… a darkness, a disease on a mission to kill every living thing

Anxiety means…

taking pills in order to function properly

Anxiety means…

talking to a total stranger about your deepest thoughts and emotions

Anxiety means…

numbing your emotions at least once in order to get things done

Anxiety means…

stepping out of a room when your chest feels heavy just so that you can breathe

Anxiety means…

making yourself uncomfortable now so that you won’t feel depressed about not getting involved later

Anxiety means…

that you’re going to have to be alone sometimes

Anxiety means…

you have no choice but to ask for help

Anxiety means…

being vulnerable

Anxiety means…

you’re not perfect, and that is okay.

One thought on “Anxiety is…

  1. Hannah,
    Thank you for sharing all of this.
    Anxiety really seems to have become the targeted issue for many experiences and emotions. I once was led to understand how these things are more like passage ways that lead us more and more to the truth that lies within. An attitude of exploration and discovery might be more helpful than a fatalism that leads us to self deprecation and defeat. I have found that my faith and trust in the love of God which I surely don’t understand the how or why to, but it has been my experience that trusting in God who knows my inner truth leads me and guides me on this sometime’s incredible journey called life. Introspection works at times but other times we need just to chill and know that we are not alone and if we are honest nobody out there has got it all put together either. Be gentle with self and know that love always conquers fear.



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