I’m not crazy I’m just a little unwell

I have struggled with self love for as long as I can remember. I realized it wasn’t because I didn’t love myself- I was just too afraid of what others would think of me. For probably 75% of my life I tried to conform to a box…be the best student, be funny, be skinny, be the perfect Christian, look good and don’t swear.  What do those all have in common? They’re all about how the outside world perceived me. None of them are about how I feel, how I value myself, and who I am. I was constantly trying to … Continue reading I’m not crazy I’m just a little unwell

Anxiety is…

Anxiety is… not being in control of your body or your thoughts No matter what you want to think or do, anxiety takes over and controls how you function. Anxiety is… feeling hopeless because you’re not in control Anxiety is…not knowing how to be “normal” For people with anxiety the definition of “normal” could mean anything. Is that just a person without anxiety? Because that’s hard to imagine. What even does normal look or feel like? People with anxiety don’t have the concept of normal because to them normal is anxiety. It’s fighting a daily battle with the demons inside … Continue reading Anxiety is…

Cale>Cali: A Summer of Service

As many have seen from my last post, I spent this summer in Los Angeles providing service to the Los Angeles community. I had the pleasure of working for a non-profit Christian organization called D.O.O.R., which stands for Discovering Opportunities for Outreach and Reflection. The objective of DOOR is to provide experiences for development while in an urban statement. There are five cities in which D.O.O.R. hosts program opportunities: Chicago, Miami, Denver, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Throughout the summer we had 256 people spend the summer with us. The groups consisted of middle school- high school students and their chaperones … Continue reading Cale>Cali: A Summer of Service

Mis primeros días en Nicaragua: parte tres

16, March 2017 So we are on the plane back to Toronto and I couldn’t be more heartbroken. Our kids are in a whole other country doing who knows what. Maybe they’re smiling and playing around or maybe they’re cold and sad. Maybe they’re crying in a corner or maybe they haven’t eaten since camp. Maybe they haven’t smiled since camp. Maybe I’ll see them again someday, but maybe I won’t. Will I ever hold and snuggle my little Silvio again? Will he remember me? Will Juanita guard her heart and save it for someone special? Will Eddie grow up … Continue reading Mis primeros días en Nicaragua: parte tres

Mis primeros días en Nicaragua: parte dos

If you followed my previous post, you will realize I am very behind in keeping my blog updated. In the last post, I talked about our first few days of camp. I mentioned meeting Noella, visiting El Camino, and interacting with the engage students.  These posts are not written in chronological order. I am posting them as I wrote them in my journal so I jump back and forth between days. Please if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. I LOVE talking about Nicaragua! 🙂 March 15th, 2017 I didn’t even get to finish my last writing … Continue reading Mis primeros días en Nicaragua: parte dos

Mis primeros días en Nicaragua

Today is Saturday (March 11th) and it is my father’s birthday. Oh how I wish my family could experience this country. How I wish they could be with me right now as I experience this treasure. Unfortunately, I am behind on my writing but Oy Dios mío (oh my goodness)! God is so amazing. He has blessed me with so much. Spiritually and materialisticly- we have SO MUCH in America. I am not sure that is such a good thing. I absolutely love it here. The country is beyond beautiful, the people are so loving, and the spirit is most … Continue reading Mis primeros días en Nicaragua

Lost Girl: You are Loved

My face may be puffy and swollen, I may look like a disaster in the mornings, or dress down far too often but God loves me just the same. A little girl in Chicago once reminded me, “Jesus loves me no matter what I look like, no matter where I come from. He loves me when I just get out of the shower and when I wake up.” Who would have thought, that little girl would make such an impact on me years later.. God loves me no matter what I’ve done, no matter where I’ve been, no matter who … Continue reading Lost Girl: You are Loved

Lost Girl: Don’t let yourself be easy

Recently, I have come to terms with the idea of having standards. As a teenager I was taught that having standards meant I was too picky and I would never find someone that way. Now, as I realize more about myself and what I want, I know that standards are never a bad thing.  They may complain, you “friend zone every guy you meet” or talk about you spend your nights at home with the fam instead of a loud and cramped party. “They” are just complaining because they don’t understand. You know what you want and you stick to … Continue reading Lost Girl: Don’t let yourself be easy